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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Hi Wiley

I have a couple of Iwasaki files. I'm rather late to them, having used traditional rasps for quite a long time now. The promise of a smooth surface lured me to them, and purchased two a few months ago.

The first time I put one to wood, I found it grabby. It seems to be easing up as i use it, but I am wary of putting it to wood in anger until it has worn in more. The surface quality is closer to a file file than a fine rasp.

A sharp rasp is a joy. They cut easily and do not grab. Ditto files. The Iwasaki files seem to me to be more like floats, and we have all experienced how a nearly sharpened saw can be grabby until it has dulled a little.

I wonder if my experience is shared by others?

Regards from Perth


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