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david weaver
Are you going to make a plane with the set? If I forget to mention anything, if it is a plane with abutments, don't go beyond 20 degrees of skew in your design, and even at that, there is some risk of splitting abutments from the cheeks (though you can certainly repair splits - I fixed my 28 degree disaster with screws - looks horrible but I can still raise panels with it.

I hate to say that it's ever OK to make a plane with a cross pin and a wedge, but there might be a case for it.

(I can't believe, by the way, what some of the fine planes sell for in the UK. I bought an 1800s badger plane with a ward iron and cap iron set for 18 pounds last year - plus a princely sum for shipping, but 18 pounds would've been the price in country). That and a try plane with a huge nearly unused ward double iron for 30 pounds. Can't remember the maker - but it was a well known maker and similar to mathieson planes in proportion and design of the wedge and mortise. And that was dealer price - 30 pounds...can't believe it.

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