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Re: Pictures of Most of Them

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
To the left of them is an infill smoother that I made pre-cap iron (second infill that I made). It's pretty much a theft of Ron Brese's design of his early planes, but dovetailed and not nearly as well finished.

Actually, Ron copied the design of Holtey, who produced this first. And it was dovetailed (where Ron's is pinned).

The Holtey 11-S ..

I also made one of these, from a kit sold by Ron at the time (basic steel, lever cap and blade. Screw it together an add your own infill). Ron's work is excellent. Mine was a one-off with a 60 degree bed (hey, this was pre-chipbreaker knowledge). It works well, but is rarely used as it is not particularly ergonomic - the 60 degree bed does not help matters.

Ebony infill ...

Regards from Perth


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