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david weaver
Apologies for the A2 - my understanding is that norris did make an A2, but what I have is, I believe, a norris #2.

It's a coffin shaped smoother with an open rear handle. Rosewood infill, no adjuster.

Admittedly, i'm talking about this more to entertain myself, but also partially because when I build another infill or 3, I want them same thing to be true as has been with woodies - I want to build at least as good of a plane as I can buy, which I can never do without trying out some examples and determining what makes them nice.

Sometimes when you're just airing your thoughts, it's helpful to put them out so people can bounce other opinions around.

Still convinced that the later A5 with beech infills, when cared for, would be the equal in function to the earlier smoother for anyone who knows how to use cap irons. The two that I bought averaged a little less than $300 in price, which is not cheap, but not expensive for what they actually are (the metalwork is quite nice). since I have two a5's now, I will see if I can take the adjuster out of one (haven't looked yet).

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