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david weaver
Two more arrived last night. A pre-war #2 and another post-war A5.

Both were flat, unlike the other post-war A5 that was so out of flat that it couldn't effectively be used as a smoother. I always check flatness on the lap and then just work the bottom of a plane if there is mouth erosion, etc.

There is more care in making the 2. I was worried that the open handle would seem flimsy, but it's got a rod in it and is very strong (it did take a while to find a reasonable-priced pre-war plane with good metal, an original iron and an unbroken rosewood handle.

That said, I think they are functionally all the same. I like ward irons better than Sorby, who made the later Norris irons, but it doesn't matter that much. You can sharpen them all.

I'd like the A5s a little more if they were 2 1/4" wide instead of 2 1/8". Don't know why that is given the stanley 4 is 2, I think the adjustment on the stanley is just a little more accurate.

Cap iron works fine on both (as in, there's room on the 2 - but I'd make room by filing the top of the mouth inside if there wasn't room).

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