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david weaver
..the V11 steel (presume that LV makes that in some mortise chisels) and the steel in the narex chisels are about the same.

If someone has a long sharpening routine, they won't think that - maybe. Both types have about the same work time vs. sharpening time for me, though. And to be honest, I'd rather have the steel that raises a wire edge on a washita stone.

I think most of the current buying public would prefer the opposite, though.

I have had vintage chisels that were not as good in use as the narex shape that you're showing. If they are as big as a 2 cherries chisel, though, I probably would prefer something that's about 2/3rds as massive. I bought MHG's version of those a LONG time ago, and sent them back, as the ones I got had edge holding problems. They were so large that they're bigger than the I&H sorby oval bolstered chisels that I got - by a fairly large amount.

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