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Norris Vs. Stanley ()

david weaver
I managed to pick up a reasonable looking (appears to be refinished, though) Norris No 2 this week. Also waiting for that in the mail.

That'll give me two pre-war planes to look at vs. the post war planes. The pre-war buck-branded norris-made panel plane that I have is quite nice, but it needs a bit of tuning as the lever cap favors tightening one side more than the other, which creates adjustment problems.

I also managed to find enough indian rosewood to make two panel planes for about $150, which is very favorable, I think.

The late model A5 that I have is in such good shape with no need for tuning beyond sole flattening, that I doubt any other planes will outperform it except if I moved the chipbreaker back a fair distance from the edge (I wouldn't do that in the first place).

The notion that I've seen from other folks is that they mention that their pre-war planes do better with difficult grain. Which just tells me they should learn to use the cap iron.

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