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Norris Vs. Stanley ()

david weaver
.. that there is something I don't know about the norris type adjuster, but double posting this discussion on the UK forum shows that not many there have much regard for it, either.

Interesting, for anyone who doesn't travel over there, that in the land of expensively made tools (a norris apparently cost a trade worker three weeks' wages at one point), they are quite a bit more frugal about what they'll buy than we generally are here, and would prefer an american stanley or an English record plane. Just as I suppose most of us do. The expensive stuff that sells on ebay-uk, though, ends up coming to the states. Items that are UK -only shipping sell for much less, and quite often, the sellers don't care (as in, I can't convince them to open their sales to global shipping on ebay even though it doesn't require them to do anything extra, they just don't care).

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