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david weaver
No worries, Derek. In my browsing of norris planes, I have seen modern planes that have some beech and some walnut or mahogany in the same plane. One had a walnut handle in the rear embedded in a beech infill.

Thanks for the info on the woods.

I'm scouting indian rosewood here, it will look like a classic plane, but it's not necessarily that easy to find a large blank and a board big enough for handles both in one place.

I have a walnut gunstock blank that George was generous enough to track down from his Gunsmith/blackmith friend Jon and send to me, but I'm on the fence about whether or not walnut is "enough" for a plane that may take 150 hours to make. It's not a turkish walnut claro blank or anything, just american walnut.

We are not blessed with the pore free hardwoods that you have there, except for the fruitwoods. Beech would work well for an infill, but it's not really the right thing. Apple would be fantastic, but if one could find an apple blank large enough, it would be almost impossible to dry crack free and it would cost a mint.

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