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david weaver
But what type of wood is it in that plane? It's handsomely done, of course.

The route you took is probably the sensible route for anyone wanting a good performing infill on the cheap - I see basket cases with decent metal parts for about $100 on ebay sometimes, and you can pretty quickly sink $100 into the metal on a plane if you use tool steel and brass, and a guy with no ability to knurl will not make a tasteful cap iron screw, even though you can make a brass screw with a wood lathe. Much more sensible to buy the metal parts.

I'm struggling a little bit right now to find a good infill material for a *good* plane. I realize there are a lot of acceptable materials, but I intend to build the plane I should've built when I started making infills, and I don't want to put vinyl seats in a mercedes.

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