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david weaver
..the adjustments that I made to the sole of my plane, it would've been unusable, I will admit. Someone comparing old to new would definitely count that against it. How the sole was that bad is a real puzzler.

I was careful about condition and have gotten planes that are in better shape than the average newer norris on ebay (sole notwithstanding, you can't spot that on a picture - shown below - the sole even looks a little bit like it's been lapped here, but it has not and it was incredibly out of flat - maybe that had something to do with why it has so little wear - except that someone robbed the original norris iron from this one).


At any rate, I did leave out one thing -I have a 15 1/2 inch rosewood infilled panel plane marked buck (made by norris) with rosewood infills, and I will give it credit - it was almost dead nuts flat when I got it despite the fact that it's clearly very old. A user who didn't want to do anything other than sharpening the iron (which is ward, of course) would be able to use it - it does need a little bit of tuning to adjust laterally properly, but that's minor and not critical.

At any rate, I am assuming that when you got a group of people together to try planes, they probably weren't versed in using the double iron. That is the factor that neutralizes any difference between the two - that and the ability to do a little bit of work.

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