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John in NM
Just some random ideas -

People like free shipping because then the price advertised is what they pay rather than some figure slightly over that. I've noticed that people fix on a figure and remember that rather than remembering a formula of several figures. Not that I know anything on the subject, but I would bet that the part of the brain that associates that single $$$ figure with an object is the same as the part that likes shopping, yet different than the part that analyzes costs and does arithmetic.

Similarly, people like being offered a "deal" even if it's a minor savings. They get a positive feeling from it and tend to like vendors who offer them a deal.

The flip side of that is that people hate to feel like they got took - and seeing a great deal on something they want gets spoiled when they get to the checkout and realize shipping makes up the difference and then some. Not that the vendor is actually trying to cheat them, its just the gut reaction people will have.

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