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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
I have been reading a marvellous book by Nancy Miller, "Making Things Work". This is the story of her life as a cabinetmaker. I really recommend this to any aspiring amateur seeking to turn pro. I think I shall remain a happy weekend warrior.

One of the paragraphs that leapt off the page was this .. "You might imagine that full-overlay doors and drawer faces make for the simplest-possible installation. They do - when these elements have enough space between them to make any inconsistencies in the margins unnoticeable...... each adjustment of one door or drawer in any of its three planes affected every other one nearby. Not only did the margins need to be consistent, parts in such close proximity must also be in plane. For example, if the right edge of one drawer protruded even just a little relatove to its neighbor, the neighbor, too, had to be adjusted ... ".

I think Nancy wrote this to mock me as I began installing doors and drawers this weekend.

The installation so far. My work in Hard Maple ...

Lots still to do ...

I cannot wait to get back to building furniture!

Regards from Perth


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