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Hank Knight
"Early A5?"

I wish! No, mine is a post war model. The issue of choking the mouth has to do with the iron. Mine has an after-market iron that is a little thicker than the original Sorby iron. That little difference is all takes to prevent setting the chip breaker close. But, as I said, it works great even with the chipbreaker set back a little.

I probably erred when I said my Norris outperforms my Stanleys. My Stanley's work fine and I can get nice gossamer shavings with them. But that has not always been so - it's a long story that I will spare you. Suffice it to say that I got my Norris up and running long before my Stanleys, and I developed a preference for it that persists to this day. I posted my original comments to respond to Bill's remarks about the necessity, or lack thereof, of setting chip breakers hair-splittingly close as suggested by the Kato article. I get wonderful results from my Norris with the chipbreaker set back a little.

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