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Brian Holcombe
That reminds me we were talking about micro-bevels on Japanese planes. One of the guys from the Japanese tool group on Facebook went to Japan to learn with Horiba (dai maker) for about 6 months.

Turns out they put a tiny microbevel on the blade after getting to the finish stone, hah!

I think these insanely hard steels are really improved as the landing gets thinner. The natural stones barely touch that kanna that I put in the beech naga-dai. It's an experience to sharpen, since I have to maintain careful pressure on the front edge or it just works the iron and doesn't touch the steel, so the face that the landing is so thin is a life saver, if it gets large it would be a true PITA to work the back.

I see it the same way, it's very similar to the effect of using a tiny back bevel to ensure that the cutting edge is free of any lingering burr and of course so that the cutting edge is completely finished by the final stone.

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