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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I think the LN (Steve Latta) circle cutter clearly superior. It cuts nicely through the grain transitions of a circle and it provides a secure shape for holding and control.

The LN straight line cutter is a mixed bag. I don't find it comfortable to hold. It reminds me of a LN shoulder plane. There is no convenient place to grab it.

It's cross cut teeth do nicely cross grain. In inexperienced hands the teeth jam up with a rip cut. Latta could cut the string trough for a Federal leg in seconds. I never got close to that speed. But, it is easy to make your own cutters for the straight line cutter from pieces of 0.032" band saw stock. Not surprising, filing a rip tooth does better in straight lines. I suppose if one could find a file small enough the tooth pattern of the LV cutter could be fashioned. How do they cut that profile?

I wonder, for straight lines, if a marking gauge that holds a cutter could not be used for cutting troughs. I like multitaskers. I must explore this option. I would find my marking gauge much easier to hold than the LV cutter.

But what Steve Latta actually uses for long straight cuts is the Dremel router and a mini base. Beginners will break some bits until the proper feed rate is discovered, but once discovered this arrangement is blazing fast.

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