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Re: I prefer the LN tools

Wiley Horne--So. Calif.
Well, I certainly won't argue with those beautiful results!

As between the LN and LV tools, the main reason I prefer the LV is the type of cutter. It is like a tiny gouge mounted in a plane, with integral scribing cutters in the lead. This little cutter is wondrously sharp and picks up a continuous shaving, to as deep as 1/8" (in multiple passes), though you can go shallower if you want. When cutting a rectangular pattern, as when stringing around a paterae on leg posts, you can cut almost to the very corners, leaving very little to be done with a tiny chisel. I also like the cutter widths of 25, 32, and 40 thousandths.

In contrast, I thought the action of the sawtooth cutter from LN was crude and difficult, though it is surely some lack of technique on my part, as you do extremely well with it, as do others. Here is the LV system:


Do I recall that Sir William of Duffield made his own attachment to go with either the LV or LN tools?


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