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Love the Ito Ura Concept

david weaver
I made a post years ago on SMC that the people sharpening japanese irons would be more honest with themselves if they admitted they'd probably have a sharper iron with a small back bevel. It got the usual suspects really irritated.

Ito Ura is a much more elegant way of doing the same thing - reducing the contact point. Very much like straight razors are designed so that the contact areas are minimized, and honing is more consistent and fine honing is guaranteed all the way to the edge.

I had a plane that would've been superb like that (I sold it), it had the hagane stretched so thin that there was very little to sharpen on the bevel side. It sharpened like a dream, and if the back would've been like that, it would've sharpened and ground as fast as a western iron.

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