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Re: Ura-Dashi (tapping out) Musings

"I'm taking the opportunity to introduce the term to people who are unfamiliar. It is common amongst everyday users and long term trades people to use the Japanese terms, so I feel it is an important aspect of the use of these tools and interaction with other users."

+1, which is why I said I didn't see what choice you would have.

"It's for similar reasons to why I do not visit Japanese restaurants and request a dish of vinegar-rice balls with raw fish on top, much easier to ask for sushi. :D Something is lost in translation of many Japanese terms, so I would rather simply use them."

Yeah, that falls into my category of there is no equivalent term in English that works. But do you say "Sushi (vinegar-rice...)" every time? Plus you are talking to a person in a Japanese/Sushi restaurant using the language they put on the menu. Then on might ask: "well is sushi actually vinegar rice with raw fish on the top?. To which many would say "no". Since it is just the vinegar rice, most say. Then you ask people "do you like sushi?", and some will answer, "no I don't like raw fish". So if we all just used the terms we actually understood, we would actually know what we were talking about, which doesn't seem to be the point.

"Japanese tools for me are a stepping stone toward the learning of another culture. When I began to interact with tool dealers and tool users alike it sparked an interest in me of learning what I could of Japanese culture. I think it has improvement in my life, and started with something as simple as learning the terminology used on the tools."

That was sorta my experience also. Maybe Derek can tell us whether that plays to trait openness. Not everyone's strong point. There are, on this forum even, some people who in their minds are more "git 'er done!" oriented, and who see the whole Japanese tools thing as another litmus test for people who might suggest going to opera - because they like it. Which given that these tools are so devastatingly efficient, is kinda too bad. But I guess we are where we are with this stuff.

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