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Re: Ura-Dashi (tapping out) Musings

Brian Holcombe
I'm taking the opportunity to introduce the term to people who are unfamiliar. It is common amongst everyday users and long term trades people to use the Japanese terms, so I feel it is an important aspect of the use of these tools and interaction with other users.

It's for similar reasons to why I do not visit Japanese restaurants and request a dish of vinegar-rice balls with raw fish on top, much easier to ask for sushi. :D Something is lost in translation of many Japanese terms, so I would rather simply use them.

Japanese tools for me are a stepping stone toward the learning of another culture. When I began to interact with tool dealers and tool users alike it sparked an interest in me of learning what I could of Japanese culture. I think it has improvement in my life, and started with something as simple as learning the terminology used on the tools.

My wife is Chinese and my son is learning both languages, so for some there will always be two words for every thing. I use both words when teaching him so that I can also learn, it is a simple approach but truly the only way for someone like me to learn another language (language classes did not affect me much in school). Most of the parent-friends I have in this area have kids who started speaking two languages (not always Chinese, my area has some prominent international companies and so some of the people who work for them become permanent residents over time). Learning two languages growing up has those same kids understanding 4-5 languages by the time they're in high school.

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