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david weaver
I don't know the usefulness of a 12x3 india. It's hard to keep hard stones flat when they have that much width.

However, an 8x2 or longer x 2 inch wide india stone is extremely useful if you are using plain steels (over-hardened O1 is fine, too).

I've never sharpened faster than I can now with oilstones. I felt the same way before I got proficient with them, because they don't excel at things like flattening new chisels or sharpening high speed steel (but they'll do that well once you are an accurate dry grinder).

As with all things, it's a matter of use. If you use india stones and are good at grinding, you'll get pretty fast using them. If you use diamond hones and then try to use india and arkansas stones like you would a diamond one, then that doesn't work that well. An inexpensive stone, though, that has a lifetime of use in it for anything, and will do well with carving tools, card scrapers, etc, that are maybe not a good idea for steel on steel loose diamond.

The india and carborundum stones do work better for me in an oil bath, though. You only use them, then, never have to clean them, and any contaminant that gets the stone just ends up in the bottom of the oil bath instead rather than becoming something you have to fish off.

No advice on the 12x3, though. Just a tough size to use freehand sharpening because it will get hollow in its width no matter what.

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