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Re: One point, then I'll drop it...

david weaver
You may have something in the stone pores, though, but if the stone action is as you like it (I generally like mine settled in some), then freshening the surface will just set you back to waiting for the stone to be settled in again.

I have gotten washitas in the past that were clearly being used for razors. One that cuts relatively fine had a very uniform burnished layer of caking on the surface of the stone so that it was just barely cutting. The caking was neatly left on the stone and undamaged - sharpening a knife or tool on it would've instantly messed it all up, but razor sharpening is subtle and would allow something like that to occur and make a stone that isn't that fine seem like a finer stone.

Generally undesirable for tools, though - settled in is good. Impacted stone poo, not so good.

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