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William Duffield
I have some dumb questions about "manufacturer's oil fill:" If you are going to apply an oil lubricant to the cleaned stone anyhow the first time and almost every subsequent time you use the stone, what difference does it make if you have removed an "excessive" amount of the original oil? Natural oil stones don't need an oil impregnated by the stone cutter, so why does a synthetic carborundum stone?

Since carborundum stones are made of sintered silicon carbide crystals, I don't think I understand the process by which degradation in a dishwasher could occur, unless the abrasive included in dishwashing detergents is itself SiC.

While I'm at it, I'll ask some related oil questions: Am I damaging my oil stones by using a 20 weight or 30 weight SAE non-detergent motor oil as the lubricant? How about using kerosene or WD-40 or USP mineral oil, which people have reported success with? Can the dish washing detergents in hot water degrade the abrasive of the stone?

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