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Easier, but more expensive....
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John in NM
Sure, there is plenty of diamond tooling for all sorts of industrial machines... float glass is far cheaper and readily available.

Even a large chunk of flat cast iron is beyond availability for most of us in areas that don't have an historical woodworking industry that is now defunct leaving large pieces of cast iron in junkyards. All you can find around here is old cars.

I once tried a tile from Home Depot, a polished bit of diabase rock (ie black granite), thinking that the relatively soft minerals in it would work better than glass and that the mica minerals might catch the cutting media and work more like cast iron. In fact, it worked just about as well as glass.

Now a scrap of Corian or similar plastic solid surface material might just be worth a shot. However, like sandpaper on glass, I suspect it's going to dub the edges more than I would like.

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