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david weaver
A soak in simple green (diluted) is the common starting point on the razor board.

Most of those are natural stones that aren't oil impregnated like your stone, though. If you run the oil out of that stone, it will soak your honing oil in and let it through the stone (as in, the oil will go in, and then come back out) in an undesirable way.

The fix for that if it happens is to soak the stone in heated vaseline, which will not run once it cools down.

There are two ways the carborundum stones become problematic - first, if the stone is a hard one, the particles at the surface become dull because they don't turn over fast enough, and there may be some loading issues. Second is a soft stone where the particles fracture easily, don't get flushed away (not enough of the right kind of oil is used when using them) and clog the pores / get compacted into the stone.

I don't know what the general opinion is of simple green, but it is cheap for a gallon of it and can be used in various dilutions for just about everything. I heard someone claim it was toxic at one point, but only once. That and the "la's totally awesome" cleaner at the dollar store will clean just about anything together.

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