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Registering a skew rabbet plane

Josko Catipovic
I'm trying to get used to my LV skew rabbet plane. My rabbets are ending up wavy, with the angle (of the cut surface) sort of drooping a bit towards the ends. ('Ends' defined as one end against the uncut surface, and the other at the end of the plank, with the 'length' as rabbet width.)
I'd assumed a rabbet plane registers on the rabbet it's cutrting, but it doesn't seem to be working for me. I thought about registering the fence against the end, but my workpieceends are too narrow to offer much of a registration surface. Mounting the plane against the workbench side and using the vertical workbench surface seems quite finicky.

So, is it reasonable to expect an even angle on the rabbet bottom, and if so, what's the appropriate surface to register the plane against?

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