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Re: Acquired job lot of joiners tools.....

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Hi Jeff

The infill plane - the length of a trying plane - appears to me to be a copy of a Spier.

Here is yours ...

Here is a Norris ...

In the body shell side curves, the Norris is more defined, while yours are rounded.

The infills are similar but not the same as a Spier, and the body also differs ..

The handle is closest to a Spier (more vertical).

The lever cap is quite different from either a Norris (above) or a Spier (below) ..

The lever cap screw is similar to the later Spier and a Norris, but this is a common shape of that period.

So I'd conclude that it is a good copy - it looks very well made - and I would sharpen the blade and use it.

Regards from Perth


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