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Re: Acquired job lot of joiners tools.....

david weaver
As a follow up, the infill is interesting, because it is nicely made.

I have an 18 inch buck infill plane (it's an older norris with a ward iron, but the buck mark is very proudly displayed on it despite it being clearly a norris plane), i'll measure it. I don't know that there was that much uniformity in the length of long panel planes.

As far as user made planes go, I have one of those, too (by that, I mean one I didn't make - I've made a few) - it is here:


(it's out of stock because it's in my shop). It is a very well made plane, also speculated on the UK forum that it is a hardware store lever cap and either locally made or mail ordered casting. I got it not because I need it, but because it didn't cost that much and I could tell that the casting was in good shape (and the mouth) and that the handle was made at an angle that I really like.

As long as your plane's handle isn't too upright, it should make a nice user.

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