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Re: Congrats on your acquisition

Sorry about the photbucket links then i was unsure if it would let me even add the pics as the limit I noticed was 100kb so as a backup i added direct photobucket links.
What I am looking info on is primarily the Infill plane as I'm drawing a complete blank, the size of it is unusual as most similar designs are 17 1/2 inches long, that one is 17 3/4, there are no makers stamps on the plane at all, so aside from google image results which show plenty similar designs i cannot find an exact match to be able to search out further details.
The Norris 'No 10' is also an enigma as the plane carries 'Norris London' makers stamp on the front and 10. stamped below the iron and wedge yet a norris number 10 is a different animal all together from what I can see online. Closest I can find is a number 8 shoulder plane which 'seemed' to be all dovetailed and this is not.

So those are the two I'm hoping some kind soul can share a little light on for me or point me in the right direction.

As for the router plane.. I dont mean the box is mint, I was referring to the plane itself! the nickle plating is unblemished from new yet it has indeed been used as the cutter shows signs of use and honing. interestingly the box does have its original price written on the bottom 11/6.

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