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Display cabient-time to install hinges *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

There has been a shortage of furniture building expressed here. Filling the gap.....
I install the hinges on the door, burying the barrel almost half its width. Then I mark the hinge position on the cabinet off the door. I am paranoid about marking and having something slip so I usually fix the position, in this case with clamps, before marking. After marking the position I take the hinge off the door, position it on the cabinet and mark the length of its outline. The depth is done with a marking gauge set to not quite half the width of the hinge, including barrel.

I have had cases where all hinges are not created equal, so I always mark the actual hinge that goes in each position. In this case the leaf sizes were exact, but the hole positions were not exact.

While I am fitting it is with only one short screw in the middle hinge position. I will permanently install the hinge with 3 longer screws when the door goes on permanently.

Note the cabinet back is walnut, not ash. We tested backs and the cut glass looked better against walnut.

There was worry expressed that this design would be flimsy. As expected, once the back was tightly fitted it is not. The back is not even glued in yet and the case has become stiff. Not my invention. I learned it from the Krenov school of display cabinetry.

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