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Easier for the carpenter

Brian Holcombe
Balloon framing started around 1830 and become quite popular soon after, I would imagine the carpenter transitioned from what we might consider a timber framer to what we might now consider a carpenter right around that time period.

I think it may be easier for the carpenter to carry a metal plane. One of the complaints WRT Japanese planes is that the carpenters who use them (timber framers) tune them regularly in the field due to the fact that they change with the environment. It's much less a problem for someone working in a shop, much timber framing is made in the shop then brought to the field so many of them just deal with it in the field when the problem arrises since they are generally preferred.

As I write this I have a wooden plane from my ancestor sitting on a shelf behind me, my father added a date to it of 1850-1931....so I could be completely incorrect in my assumptions.

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