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Re: decline of wooden plane - green vs dry lumber?

There probably isn't a reason. Because there are multiple reasons and the people involved are not a constant either. I still like my suggestion that with the advent of the sewing machine, men felt that they better tech up their hand planes or be beaten in sophistication by the women folk. Nothing they could do would really catch them up...

There is no technical respect in which a metal plane is better. With the exception of some small types where the section in wood gets too small to be strong, and even there I think there are mostly options. What did happen is many of the reasons why a wooden plane was better stopped mattering. And in large measure that was because planes stopped mattering. Many modern woodworkers never use one at all. While I find them extremely useful in my shop, I think for the most part people use them today because they are fun, and they set woodworkers apart from the hords of router manipulators.

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