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Joseph Piotrowski
after the suggestion to make one of these, i went into my shop, rummaged around and found enough materials that i only need a carriage bolts and washers.

most of these stuff is like 15 years old laying around. if not longer

i found some 8/4 red oak, a 8/4 maple and a 4/4 piece of cherry. i had some old home made 3/8 wing nuts.

i didn't do much resizing. just cut to same length, squared up with some hand tools.

so i cobbled it tougher and even before complete finished i had to test it. i need to do a,little more finish work on it, like make nicer "wings" for clamps, some chamfering etc.

it held up just fine for what it is. i have much grander plans for a super duper one, eventually.

now i can dovetail in comfort!

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Frankenmooxon *PIC*
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I agree about bolts
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