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Duplicate To Windsor Chair Post *PIC*

Gary Smyth
Street find of this decent quality Windsor last Spring. Broken back. Old but not valuable as an example. Started in the summer and roughed out tapered ends on a new back and steamed it into shape. All left to do was insert the spindles and center the back piece. Did measuring and spacing but hit a snag. The spindles do not go through the bent wood back. The bentwood back of the original has spindle holes that are blind. I could not figure how to drill from the rounded underside about 5/16 to ½ inch at the proper angle. I set the chair aside.
Time to complete this project.
I’ve watched many videos and have little to know. The back is awkward to handle and clamp if off the chair. I figure a brad point bit in progressive diameters will work if I work from the underside. Much easier would be to work from the top, with the back in the chair sighting down from the top, making a through hole and then plugging the top hole after the spindle is seated. None of the spindle tops were wedged, only glued.
I like the paint deterioration so only the back will be painted, so showroom fit is preferred but not critical. This is to be a porch chair, undercover, but outdoors most of the time. So chair makers, restorers, anyone out there care to suggest a method to seat the spindles on a chair such as this?

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Duplicate To Windsor Chair Post *PIC*
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