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Drawer runner replacement options?

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
I am still working on bringing this old secretary back to life that I've shared some pictures of before.

The original runners are badly worn and falling off. They were simply (hide) glued into a dado across the case side. They were glued the entire length which probably lead to the case side splitting. They weren't/aren't attached to the front rail at all and there is no rear rail.

I was thinking of mortising the front rail to let in a tenon on a new runner, but I can't remove the front rail to mortise it.

I think I should glue the new runners in place and put glue in only the first couple of inches so the case sides can move.

I could put a rear rail in between the runners.

I've been trying really hard to do minimally invasive repairs to this piece.

Any suggestions on these drawer runners?

The below pics are shot up through the bottom of the case while it was lying on its back.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

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