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parents will understand that!

while setting up shop a realization has occurred. any new shop storage/cabinets should also support packing up and shipping to make my life easier later on. i may well be doing this 2 or more times in the next 4 years.

so any new wall mounted cabinets must meet be constructed in a way that will allow me to close it up and have it survive(with tools) the transport.

so far i have i have come up with the case will roughly be 18" wide, 24" tall and 16" deep. split in half to open up(clam shell?) so the mounted area will be roughly 36" wide x 24" tall by 8" deep.

i'll making these with mostly hand tools for the experience. construction of these with plywood and machine tools would be easier and quicker but i chose a different path with many things unknown, so maybe you all can help me solve them.

they are just going to be generic cabinets, no fancy wood or complexity(i'm saving that for later). they just need to be sturdy . i plan on making 2 to 4 of these. generically, one to hold cordless tools/batteries etc. 1 to hold all my sanding equipment and so on.

material: cost is a factor so maybe pine or poplar.

construction of the case is my first question. i'm thinking dovetailed side to top/bottom. or hand cut box joints. any suggestions will be welcome.

the biggest unknown is the back of the case so i'm open to ideas. I'm not sure of the material or construction.
material can be plywood if its the absolute best way. otherwise it would be solid wood. if its solid wood: panel glue up? ship lapped?
as for construction, is it enough to simple rabbit the back and secure with nails or screw? or would a slotted grove be better?

Joe P.

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