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Hide glue question(s)

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
How many times can hot hide glue go through heat up and cool down cycles before it shouldn't be used?

I know I should only mix what I need, and about freezing excess and so on, but I've been working on something where I've been working weeknights and strange times on it so I just plug my glue pot in (a crappy little crock pot thing) and heat it up.

The glue still tacks up nicely between my fingers, and it seems ok, but I got to wondering at what point should new be mixed up.

I probably would use liquid hide glue, but I haven't been able to find any close by. WoodCraft (hour+ round trip) is the only place local that has it and it might be somewhat fresh.

Also, I seem to recall reading or seeing a video where some type of salt was added to hot hide glue to make it essentially liquid hide glue. Any thoughts on that?


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