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Re: An infinite succession of micro bevels.

A convex edge is more robust only in relation to the included angle at the edge. In fact, a convex grind is less durable to the extent to which it represents an included edge that is unsupported, relatively. But the way it works is that for a given thickness of blade, or axe, you can have a more obtuse edge, which you can also have with micro bevels. A convex edge is just an infinite succession of micro bevels.

And then there is the matter of sharpening. While you can freehand convex blades on stones, and with filing actions, or stationary flat bets, they are normally done with some form of specialized tool. This has effects of its own. For instance when belt grinding a convex edge you can control the cut with excellent support, freehand, on powerful belt grinders, with the amazing abrasives available on belts, right down to the edge.

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