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I got to meet Mr. Norris at the show *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

A highly motivated seller had this Norris for sale. Mr. Donnelly appraised it for me as well as checked its working condition. It was a price that I would pay for our plane research purposes.

Honed it up a bit and tried maple. I'll need to go to the gym if I intend to plane maple, but the surface looked like polished glass (not that it matters for my finishes).

Thought about the fact that this plane was designed for mahogany, not maple. Found a piece of walnut- close enough. The (power)jointer had picked out around the knot shown in the picture, as would be expected. A few swipes of the plane and the torn grain was gone. No new torn grain appeared on uphill sloping grain around this knot.

I see why people are enthused about this style of plane for finish planing. One doesn't need to know much more than how to sharpen to be successful using it.

For those like me that have never seen one......the adjuster is novel. The shaft that advances the blade is threaded outside and inside. The inside shaft actually drives the blade forward. The result is like a gear reduction to advance the blade. The blade can therefore be advanced in tiny increments.

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