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Learning Woodowrking from the Internet

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
The post below where the Kato video is referenced reminded me that there is a bewildering amount of woodworking stuff out there and most it is misleading at best.

I have a son-in-law that both loves to troll the internet and an interest in woodworking is kindling within. I get comments from him about stuff he has found on the internet. It has led me to conclude that the Internet is not a place to send a novice woodworker without an experienced guide.

I have been critical of magazines for publishing techniques for their novelty rather than their time tested features. Apparently the Internet takes novelty to another level without the benefit of an editor.

The result for the novice woodworker will be for them to waste time learning techniques that are flawed, inefficient, unsafe, etc. which in turn could lead to struggles and failure that will extinguish their budding interest.

Personally I am thankful that at two critical times in my learning I was able to be mentored by a professional cabinet maker who at least showed me one time tested way to make cabinetry.

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