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Re: Hand finishing water-based poly.

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
I often apply finish when the temperature is 90 degrees or higher--in fact I welcome the higher temperatures because the finish dries more quickly.

Yesterday I completed a few more doors. It takes me about 1 hour for each door.

The notable feature was that it was 41 degrees Centigrade (106 F) outside my shop - perhaps a few degrees cooler inside (no aircon). The air was very dry.

I was concerned that the poly would dry too quickly and leave streaks. What I discovered was that a large percentage for success in rubbing water-based poly is due to the grey mesh. I think that this is about 600 grit.

Using it with some down force, it is more like buffing out a finish. All marks disappear, and one is left with a smooth-ish surface (smoother and glossier as the layers build).

The end result was as close to a sprayed finish as I could imagine.

Regards from Perth


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