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Re: Have you found chromium oxide gives the best e

Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Another reason I chose it was experimental: It is easier to interpret the results of an experiment if you have fewer unknowns. It would be easy enough to interpret the results of a comparison to loose diamond on cast iron, for example. Green stick, with an unknown chrome grit size distribution, an unknown alumina grit size distribution, and an unknown binder might be a meaningless experiment, if your next green crayon is from a different source.

William, my argument is that the green compound from Lee Valley is a known variable. While the constituent parts may not be as uniform as pure green compound, the Lee Valley compound is consistently Lee Valley. That is what makes it repeatable, and what makes it possible to recommend.

A few months back on another forum (or two), there was a debate as to whether the LV compound was as usuable as a more pure version (the LV compound as an "average" of 0.5 micron grit, which means some can be larger). The point I - and others - made is that it did improve the edge, and significantly so ... and that is what counts in the end. The LV compound is easily available, while purer compounds are not.

Regards from Perth


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