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Re: Have you found chromium oxide gives the best e

William Duffield
Better? I'm not convinced the improvement was worth the effort and mess to make it up, but it's what I found and tried. It might be educational to compare the resulting scratch patterns to the sizes of the wood fibers you're cutting and the thickness of the clear finish you are applying over the resulting surface. It might also be educational to compare the number of passes or chops before the blade works no better than whatever you were using before. Another reason I chose it was experimental: It is easier to interpret the results of an experiment if you have fewer unknowns. It would be easy enough to interpret the results of a comparison to loose diamond on cast iron, for example. Green stick, with an unknown chrome grit size distribution, an unknown alumina grit size distribution, and an unknown binder might be a meaningless experiment, if your next green crayon is from a different source.

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