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Re: Hand finishing water-based poly.

Yeah I use tipping all the time on boats, and other products. It comes out almost as nicely as a spray finish. One of the reasons we do it is because there can be lethal consequences (or so they used to say) from spraying some of the isocyanate finishes like Awlgrip, but when rolled on the release of solvents was manageable. The theory was you needed forced air breathing systems to spray those, that filters wouldn't work.

Where possible our tippying system was to apply with a roller with a 3mm foam cover, and tip off with sections of the roller gripped with a handle like squeegees, or a high quality foam brush. In some cases one can tip off with the roller itself, merely extending a finger to stop it rolling and then dragging it over the surface. This works OK with epoxies, but with lighter media normally a dry brush or cover is better.

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