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Transitional Disston?

Kevin French
Yesterday I was talking to an 'Older' WW'r and we started to talk about Disston Hand Saws. He said he had an old one he liked and showed it to me.
 photo P1240563.jpg
After a while I asked if I could date the saw (I have a thing for saws). Last night I sat down with the Disstonian Institute and attempted to figure out what he had.
The medallion was somewhat easy 'DISSTON PHILA" is 1917-1940 but its the one on the right side, 13/16" with the V at the top of the Keystone.

 photo Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 7.25.52 PM.png

 photo P1240565.jpg

13/16" medallions
(found on backsaws and panel saws
as well as No. 16,
D-20 and D-23 full-sized saws)



None of which have that same handle

The Handle is that of a D-7

 photo P1240564.jpg

But the only D7 with a Skewback has a 26" Blade, this one is only 20"

 photo D-7.png

Then I ran into the D-30 with the correct handle but it has a Straightback.

 photo Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 7.18.52 PM.png

And finale I ran into the D-17, Right handle, right skewback, wrong length, and wrong teeth.
 photo Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 7.31.31 PM.png

The only thing I haven't done is to clean the blade to look at the etchings. I haven't asked for permission to do that and won't until I do, but given the condition of the saw overall I'm not sure they'd be there anyways.

All these saws point towards a saw made somewhere between 1922-39,40 and that's when I remembered about Stanley planes and old parts being used up on new versions. So my 'guess' would be late 30's or 1940.

Any other ideas, did I miss something?

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