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I used a story stick *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

Inspired by the earlier discussion I employed a story stick today. I needed to mark approximately equivalent dovetails on the top and bottom pieces for the display case .

Some can lay out dovetails by eye and I think I could if it was faster for me. But I would needlessly fret over their location before committing pencil to wood. What I do in fact is lay them out to scale on paper and diddle on the paper rendition until they look ok. Then I transfer to wood. In the current case I didn't have a long enough piece of paper at hand. Light bulb dimly glowed above head-story stick!

Note dovetail marker (white object) son in law made for me on his 3D plastic printing machine.

Make note to self-consider story sticks.

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I used a story stick *PIC*
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