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William Duffield
There are lots of old wooden planes with very open mouths, but it is a matter of speculation how and why the mouths were opened. Maybe they were planing ipe, or sidewalks? ;) Maybe they didn't know how to adjust a double iron? :\ Maybe the soles warped due to inundation in a flood? :b Maybe they were reclaiming barn boards in the Dust Bowl :( I'm sure you will find many domestics and exotics that will be more than sufficient for your needs. You don't have to follow ECE's lead and use lignum vitae. You probably would never wear out oak, ash, hickory, rock maple, dogwood, black locust, persimmon and many others. Others, like walnut, cherry, tulip poplar might be marginal, but your Borg softwoods, except SYP, would probably not wear very well at all. Some other domestic hardwoods might not be suitable because they tend to be unstable, or were not properly seasoned, are not straight grained, or have internal defects.

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