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Shaving Horse *PIC*

Larry Barrett
Here is a new idea, at least I think it is a new idea, for a convertible shaving horse. Convertible in the sense of converting from an English style bodger's horse, one with two treadle arms, to a dumbhead style horse.
Here are some photos of the horse I built about 15 years ago:

Mine is modeled after one Brian Boggs made though with a different type table adjuster and a few other features. Most of what I work with starts out as riven stock, roughly 2"x2" more or less, so no need to have a wide table. It works well for chair posts, rungs, and even drawbore pins.
But it can also accommodate wider stock, such as what you might want for a chair slat or boards for a chest, just by spinning two wingnuts on the treadle arms and widening the treadle.

Recently I had an idea about how I might convert this to a dumbhead style horse. I just inverted the tiller (the board that the table sits on) and added a new wider table and a clamp that allows work to be held outside of the treadle.

It seems to work fine, even though a prototype.

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Shaving Horse *PIC*
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