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Re: Ruler Trick with Spokeshave Blade

Wiley Horne--So. Calif.
Hello James,

To work the back of that blade (and other shave blades), I place the lower 1/2" or so of the blade on the long edge of a finish stone, and work it laterally along the stone. One finger is on the bevel of the blade (which is facing upward of course)--this keeps positive pressure on the back, right to the blade edge. The other hand stabilizes the blade. Using both hands to hold the blade firmly onto the stone, just work it up and back along the stone edge. I see no need to actually angle the blade back, as in the ruler trick, since the finger pressure on the bevel is sufficient to make positive contact of the back, right to the blade edge.

Lateral (90-degree) and 45-degree sharpening along the edge of the stone also works well for the bevel side of a short blade!

There are other ways to do this job of course, so I am not holding out my method as The Way :) .


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