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Sharpton Stone question

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I do not have any experience with water stones. I was gifted a Sharpton 120 Professional stone. No idea where it was bought or I would return it for credit on something I know about. Anyway, I sharpen as follows: hollow grind with power wheel, followed by "Fine" fixed diamond plate then 1 micron loose diamond on cast iron. For those with experience, do you see some way this stone would beneficially fit into my sharpening regime? I also sharpen kitchen knives, but this grit seems a bit coarse to be useful for knives.?.

And....included was a 8000 Norton water stone. Would this stone be equivalent to the 1 micron diamond? Or, to put it another way, is this the finest/last grit one would use in a sequence? Is it overkill fine?

An improvement I see in my sharpening would be to use 15 micron loose diamond after the hollow grind. Loose 15 micron diamond cuts much faster than my "Fine" fixed plate. I am reluctant to follow the 15 micron loose with 1 micron loose for worry about carry-over of the 15 micron grit to the 1 micron plate. Would it be practical to follow loose 15 micron with the 8000 Norton stone, assuming the Norton stone will cut abrasion resistant tool steel (probably not?).

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